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The concept of #kempiWeb is a project in evolution. As a primary incarnation, it is a meeting place for the various branches of the immediate family of its collective nodes. Incidentally, it is therefore an experiment in virtual community. In practice, it is a central point of gathering whereby the interested visitor can subsequently discern and jump to the cyberHomestead(s) of the nodes (i.e. members and services).

Over the years its dynamic nature has been manifest through various incarnations. In the beginning, there was simply #kempi. This was a transient channel within the DalNET Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network where three of the original members would gather in order to "chat" at various times throughout the day. Later, the channel was registered so that members could control access and reliability. It was also at this point the roster of regular members doubled. Being somewhat more stable, this incarnation served the early members for a period of three years,from 1997 to 1999.

Throughout 1999 and early 2000 #kempi lanquished. Visitation was sporadic as the original members became involved with other projects, their servers became buried behind the fodder of paranoia (i.e. overly restrictive firewalls), or similar impediments to regular interaction presented themselves. The registration of both the channel and the /nick(s) for a majority of the members lapsed as the preferred mode of realtime interaction shifted to instant messaging (IM). Much as its namesake, #kempi was endanger of extinction.

Even though the interactive nature of the #kempi channel was on the decline, interaction of a different nature remained very animate. The use of various IM clients increased and several members founded web sites to inform interested family and friends. However, there was no central clearinghouse from which to consolidate the various nodes into one point of focus. This void provided the perfect opportunity to resurrect #kempi in the form of #kempiWeb.

On 23 June 2000, #kempiWeb was reincarnated!


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