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Thomas K. Gorman Middle School and High School (TKG) is the secondary or upper school component of the parochial education program of the Diocese of Tyler. It is located on a 29-acre campus on the ESE segment of Loop 323 in Tyler, Smith County, Texas.

Originally christened Tyler Catholic High when it opened on 02 September 1958, the school was rechristened Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Catholic School in the early 70's. This followed the retirement of its namesake, Thomas Kiely Gorman, the fourth Bishop of Dallas under whose administration (1954-1969) the school came into existence. The Tyler diocese was created 12 December 1986 at which time Gorman became the only high school in the thirty-three county episcopacy.

During its first twenty-one years, TKG operated under a commingled Junior High/High School paradigm — grades 7-12. In keeping with the maturation principles of the late 70's, the sixth grade class was moved from Gorman's sister primary school, Saint Gregory, to the high school campus at the beginning of the 1979 school year. This act marked the creation of the Thomas K. Gorman Middle School component of the institution. No dedicated structure existed at this time, necessitating the implementation of a virtual separation of the two populations by an imaginary wall derived from hallway boundaries. This changed with the opening of a distinct Middle School for the 1982 school year.

The "official" school web site, has been online in one form or another since at least 1996. It seems to undergo various revisions and states of functional reliability as each school year comes and goes. A response from the present principal several years ago indicated that the site is usually maintained, in part, by a member or members of the student body. There is a healthy assortment of information available, which also varies in timeliness from year to year. The alumni section is somewhat useful. There is a "Cyber Directory" which contains the eMail address of a wide selection of alumni, but which is contingent on their discovery of the site and the voluntary submission of their electronic contact information. The potentially most useful feature of the alumni section is the listing of "Graduating Classes". However, it was taken offline sometime during the 2003-2004 academic year when the site underwent a design change and migration to its own domain. Recently, this changed when some content began to reappear. In the waning weeks of October, the rosters for class years 1961 through 1966 have been resurrected; with 1967 through 1974 apparently coming soon. All-in-all, it is a welcome resource for interested alumni.



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