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Alumni on the 'net

Several of the more intrepid TKG alumni have staked their cyberHomestead claims on the internet. The few who are among the affiliate members of the host site represent a higher than average proportion. Nevertheless, others have been discovered or made known over the years. What follows is a modest catalogue of these individuals. If you are a graduate of Thomas K. Gorman, we would welcome the privilege of adding your site to our modest list. Please make use of the contact link at the bottom of the page to let your cyberExistence be known.

from the Class of 1983
Quentin Neill
Quentin maintains a family domain very similar to that of the host family of #kempiWeb. A discussion board and calendar are available for members of the family and all visitors are able to browse the family photo album. An interesting collection of spam is also available for those who have an interest in that side of cyberSpace
from the Class of 1984
Terry Maloney
Terry publishes a personal site dedicated to cataloguing his various travels. Current highlights include several north central European destinations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
Herman May
Herman maintains personal, family and clan web sites. Among the special features of node.Zero is this TKG Alumni Resource project.
from the Class of 1986
David Johnson
David publishes a web site affiliated with his teaching position at Kennesaw State University. Included on his academic site is a local link to personal information about he and his family.
Christopher May
Christopher maintains a personal site which is subordinate to the site which he and his wife, Jen, have created to share information about their lives with family and friends. Jen also has a work related site.
from the Class of 1988
Mark Adame
Mark is the master of two sites. He and his wife, Kristie, have a personal web site through their ISP, Earthlink. As a science teacher with the Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD, Mark also has a class related site hosted by the school district.
from the Class of 1990
John Adame
John and his wife, Christy, have established their own domain, JohnAdamePhotography to promote and publicize their freelance photography business.
Steven Clancy
Steven published content at three distinct sites. The first, hosted at the University of North Carolina, is a personl site through which he shares images and information about his wife and son. A second site is hosted through the University of Chicago and contains information about his academic career. His third site provides specifics about the Slavic and Eastern European language case books which he and Laura Janda have authored.



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