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10 December 2004

Alumni web site: Terry Maloney

After joining the TKG_Class_of_1984 mailing list, it was discovered that Terry maintains a personal web site recording his various international travels. His site is the newest to be added to the alumni on the 'net page.

17 October 2004

Site redesign

Members of the Class of 1984 will be meeting for dinner and, later, at the game. Members of this class who are interested in joining us, please join the class mailing list for more information.

23 October 2004

Class of 1994 reunion

The graduating class of 1994 will be celebrating their tenth anniversary reunion during Homecoming weekend. A special section has been reserved for them at the game on Friday, 05 November .

17 October 2004

Site redesign

The design and format on which this resource is presented has undergone a radical redesign. All underlying code has been converted from HTML to an XHTML/CSS/PHP hybrid to facilitate ease of maintenance and updating. The content has also been compartmentalized and enhanced. This change will also allow new features and content to be added in an efficient and less laborious manner. Please read the information provided at the top of the root page for more information about navigation.

26 August 2004

Two lost alumni sites

Overlooked in the recent TKG Alumni Resource Page update, it has been discovered that Find a SchoolMate and the Keep in Touch Network have succumbed to competition. These alumni sites were unique in their approach to keeping former classmates in touch with one another in that they did not organize by institution. Rather, visitors entered their names into a massive database and searched by name alone. Neither were particularly effective at attracting registrants as, during the three years surveyed, only one TKG alumnus registered at either.

The former administrators of the Keep in Touch Network have opted to keep their domain (for the time being at least) and are recommending registration with Reunion.com. The Find a SchoolMate domain simply no longer exists.

19 August 2004

TKG Alumni Resource updates

The quarterly updates of sites referenced within the TKG Alumni Resource Page has slipped a little this time around, falling to a six month interval. Nevertheless, there were a few updates and discovery of a new resource for Class of 1984 alumni. Another notable change is the apparent dissolution of the ClassReunion.com site. All that remains is a notice of the domains availlability for purchase. This is not too terribly significant a loss as there were only seven registered alumni at the site during the last survey.

For the Class of 1984, Robert Jewett has established a private, moderated mailing list. Hosted through the services offered by Yahoo! Groups, TKG_Class_of_1984 is designed to serve as a virtual meeting and planning space for members of this graduating class.

The ubiquitous ClassMates.com saw a net decrease of three registered alumni bringing the sum total down to 519. Two disparate groups still represent the former students of Thomas K. Gorman, though now with a roughly equal population. It is hard to believe that the admins of this site have not received feedback describing this situation. Yet, it still persists.

There was no change whatsoever at GradFinder.com, SchoolBuddies.com or the "Cyber Directory" located at TKG. Meanwhile, Alumni.net and SchoolNews.com both showed an increase of one registrant each bringing their totals to eleven and seven, respectively.

Reunion.com saw a net increase of twenty-four registered graduates bringing its total to 193. A new interface change now allows the registrant to pull up a list of all currently registered alumni for any given institution. This is a change from the previous need to recursively search the database for each and every year, individually. That is a step in the correct direction. However, one is still required to become a paid subscriber in order to contact a classmate or post to the message board.

TKG Alumni Resource updates

The quarterly survey of sites referenced within the TKG Alumni Resource Page resulted in several alterations. Chief among the latter is that Franz, et. al., seem to be up to their alteration tricks again. The site has, yet again, been redesigned from the ground up resulting in the destruction of numerous URLs. All of the links to content referenced on this site have been corrected accordingly. As to the number of students registered on the "Cyber Directory" page, it is unchanged from the number observed during the last survey in November — 184. The balance of the independent sites have been updated as follows.

The ubiquitous ClassMates.com saw a net increase of seventeen registered alumni bringing the total to 522. Between November and February the third class grouping noted earlier has been rolled into the primary school grouping, "Thomas K. Gorman Middle-High School" bringing the total to 237; a net increase of nineteen. Meanwhile the secondary school grouping, "Bishop Gorman High School", actually saw a net loss of two registrants for a new total of 282 registered alumni.

There was no change whatsoever at either the ClassReunion.com or SchoolBuddies.com sites where Herman is the only registered alum. Meanwhile, Alumni.net, GradFinder.com and SchoolNews.com all showed an increase of one registrant each bringing them to totals of ten, thirty-three, and six, respectively. It should be noted that the GradFinder increase appears to be the result of a duplicate.

Finally, the ever frustrating Reunion.com saw a net increase of fourteen registered graduates bringing its total to 169. This site in particular seems to be perennially plagued by duplicate registrations. Given that one is pretty much required to traverse the entire tree of registrants, it is not too difficult to discern this fact. As of this survey, roughly 10% of the listings were duplicates; Mark, unfortunately, being among them.


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