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26 June 2005

1984, 1985 Reunion

The combined 20th and 21st Anniversary reunions for the Classes of 1984 and 1985 was held this weekend in Tyler. A trio of events were held over the span of twenty-four hours at various locations. Forty-eight former students with their spouse and families reunited, in some instances for the first time in decades, to rekindle friendships and reminisce. Special appearances were made by the current principle of TKG and over half a dozen former teachers. It was a wonderful weekend and all involved in planning and participation are congratulated on a successful reunion event.

19 May 2005

All 1984/1985 sheep returned

A recent announcement to the Class of 1984 mailing list reports that all ten unaccounted alumni have been located. The organizing committee of the joint 1984/1985 wish to thank all of their former classmates who contributed in the effort to locate these missing friends.

11 May 2005

Trevor D. Orr, Class of 1984

Trevor Orr has made his presence known. Listed among the roster of unaccounted alumni from the classes of 1984 and 1985, Trevor confirmed his existence by joining the Class of 1984 mailing list. We welcome him back to the fold and hope that the balance of the stray former students.

29 March 2005

Isaac Newton Adams

It is with heavy heart that we report of the death of I.N. Adams. Mr. Adams was the chemistry teacher at TKG from the early eighties trough the mid-nineties. Many students have fond memories of Mr. Adams and consider him among their most influential instructors.

A remembrance and transcription of his obituary as it appeared in the Tyler Morning Telegraph can be found by following this link.

02 February 2005

20 Year Reunion: Classes of 1984 and 1984

Official notice has been given of plans for the twenty year reunion of the Class of 1984 and the Class of 1985. A combined celebration, there will be a pair of evening events. The first, as yet to be finalized, will take place on Friday, 24 June 2005. A more formal gathering will be held at Hollytree Country Club the following evening, 25 June 2005. More information will follow in the coming months.

In the meantime, please note that there are ten individuals — five from each class — who remain unaccounted. If you know of their whereabouts, please contact the webmaster (see footer) of this site or the TKG Office of Development, one of which will, in turn, pass the information along to the organizing committee.

from the Class of 1984
Emmanuel Bernardin
Charles Cook
Leanne Frazier
Trevor Orr
David Tinker
from the Class of 1985
Scott Conner
Kelly Hickman
Kelly Higgins
Phil McAdams
Mellissa Zoller

Members of the Class of 1984 are reminded that a class mailing list exists. Interested alumni are encouraged to subscribe to the list, not only to keep abreast of plans for the reunion, but to renew contact with old friends in general.

31 January 2005

Visions newsletter: Winter 2005

The first quarter edition of the alumni newsletter has been mailed. It should have arrived today or soon.

07 Janaury 2005

Alumni web site: John Adame — update

The personal web site of John Adame (Class of 1990) has gone offline. His photography site remains online, but seldom updated.


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