Subject:     Planet Alumni's public Web site is now
Date:        2002.06.19 16:25
Received:    2002.06.19 18:02
To:          Herman.May@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Herman I. May:

This e-mail is being sent to you because your information is in the Planet
Alumni database. Please do not reply to this message, as it will go to a
blank mailbox, which means no one will receive your reply.

Planet Alumni will be closing its public Web community on Friday June 21
to concentrate entirely on marketing its private Custom Community product
offering.  The public Planet Alumni Web site will be moving to
( where you will be able to reconnect and stay in touch
with old friends.  By joining you will still be able to get in
contact with your old friends, upload photos, post messages to your school
boards, send and receive e-mail and manage your school friend contacts in
your own address book.

If you have information in your group communities you would like to
retrieve such as photos, messages, reunion RSVP lists, etc., please go to
your group(s) at and collect that
information NOW.  As much of this information as possible is being
transferred to if you decide to opt in to the
service, but much of it will no longer be available to you once the
transition is complete. will be contacting all public Planet Alumni members in the
coming weeks to send you login information for you to use at
If you have purchased a Members Plus membership, that membership will be
transferred to as an Alumni Access paid membership in their
system.  Your membership will carry the same expiration date
of your Member Plus membership.  Please contact with
any questions you may have.

We thank you for your support of Planet Alumni. Enjoy reconnecting on

Best regards,

Planet Alumni

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created: 28 June 2002
last edited: 17 February 2003