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Alumni Hosted Resources

The primary source for information relevant to former students and alumni of T.K. Gorman middle and high schools is the "Alumni" section of the school's web site dedicated to this endeavor. Unfortunately, this resource is sorely lacking in timely information and much of the information seems to come and go at the whim of the individual in charge of its upkeep at any given time. It is precisely this issue which led in part to the creation of this site. Nevertheless, we recommend you begin there.

TKG_Class_of_1984 mailing list

For members of the Class of 1984, a mailing list became available earlier this year (2004). Robert Jewett has established a private list and interactive community through the services provided by Yahoo! Groups. Given the appropriate moniker "TKG_Class_of_1984", the group is available to any member of the Thomas K. Gorman High School graduating class of 1984. At the time of this update, the group has only recently seen active recruitment. However, in the relatively short period of eight weeks the membership has grown from the founding member to just under a dozen — or approximately one quarter of the graduating class.. The list is moderated and all posted information is protected by the required membership. Eligible members of this class are encouraged to participate.



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