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Commercial and Third-party Alumni Sites

The power of the internet to bring people together has no better example of its versatility than the alumni reunification sites scattered about its domain. It seems that just about every site which is supported by banner ads of any level has at least one representative of this vendor class. Perhaps the most ubiquitous is that of ClassMates.com, but it is followed closely by Reunion.com.

Many of these sites have come into existence over the years and several more are added every annum; or so it would seem. Some have slipped silently into oblivion, while others have been absorbed into the existing powerhouses — two of which were mentioned above.

Not all of these sites are created equal. Membership requirements vary widely from one to the other. The latter being most likely the result of the degree of advertising saturation. In addition, content availability is lacking in uniformity. Some allow full use of the site with little investment other than a required registration. Others allow one to do little more than list basic information. Any additional access — including something as benign as making contact — requires the payment of a subscription fee.

It is with all of the above in mind that this section of the site was created. Herein an earnest attempt has been made to seek out and catalogue all of the existing commercial and third-party alumni reunion sites. It may or may not be comprehensive at the time of any particular visit. We encourage you, the visitor, to contact the content managers and let us know of the existence of other sites which may be missing.

The available resources are listed in the panel at left. Selection of a link will result in the display of a subordinate page providing among other things a brief description of the content available and the number of TKG alumni registered at last update.

We hope that this information is of use and if there are any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them by making use of the contact button in the footer.



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