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Can you say Internet cancer?!? ClassMates.com is one of the olderst and pervasive alumni oriented sites on the 'Net; it is also one of the greediest. There are so many things wrong with their business/subscription model that one does not know where to start. Basically, once they get your information, you have to fork over cash in order to do just about anything. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most comprehensive alumni databases on the 'Net. This is due, primarily, to their massive banner ad placements in every corner of cyberspace. Registration is a must if one desires to be located by a shoolmate. However, be warned that you will have to pay if you wish to take advantage of any data located on the site.
Over the course of its history, ClassMates.com has hosted a total of three TKG related sites. Originally, there was a site simply named "Bishop Gorman". The entry entitled "Thomas K. Gorman Middle-High School" also existed, but enjoyed a much smaller membership. At the time of my original registration (April 2001) I brought this duplicity to the attention of the site administrators. Within one week both sites had been consolidated into a single entity. This certainly made update notifications and visits more concise and convenient.
Apparently, sometime in early 2002 someone else decided that the existing title was no longer appropriate and registered yet another group. There are now, again, two listings for TKG. The first (and oldest, relatively speaking) is identified as "Thomas K. Gorman Middle-High School", while the second is named "Bishop Gorman High School". This redundancy has once again been brought to the attention of the site admin, but has yet to be addressed in the timely manner that it was the first time.
The summer of 2003 has brought us full circle. Once again, there are three separate entries for the same school (see above). At present, there are only three members of the latest group. I am among them with the hope of diverting future membership to one of the older sites. If you find this site prior to visiting ClassMates.com, please join the group identified as "Thomas K. Gorman Middle-High School"
(Many thanks to Quentin for bringing the third site to my attention! :-)
Following the last update, I sent yet another a message to the ClassMates.com admins seeking to have the three sites combined. While a little more responsive to such submissions, they have implemented some severe hoop jumping stipulations. I was not willing to bite. Nevertheless, sometime between the last update (November 2003) and this one (February 2004) the "Bishop T.K Gorman" site appears to have been rolled into the primary "Thomas K. Gorman Middle-High School"".



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