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Reunion.com has been around for a while now. At the time of first visitation (03 June 2002) there were 123 registered TKG alumni. This fact ranks it among the top three discovered to date. From various cues available on the site, this site appears to be strongly affiliated with — if not one and the same as — HighSchoolAlumni.com. However, all is not rosy with this new discovery — even in light of its apparent popularity.
Reunion.com appears to have taken its business plan straight from the lead of ClassMates.com. While there are slight variations in the implementation, a registrant is unable to make contact with any classmate or schoolmate unless they are willing to fork over some cash. Registration is free and one can even access and alter one's personal data. However, the simple the act of looking at the database entry of another — much less the ability to discern a valid, active eMail address — is barred without a paid subscription.
This site rates near the top with respect to popularity, yet near the bottom with respect to versatility and user friendliness.



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