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27 February 2004

Browser test results

Recent compatibility tests of the site redesign have revealed anomalies when viewed with at least two browsers. Basically, the current releases of Micro$vengali's IE (v6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633 for WinXP and v5.2.3 for MacOS X) do not properly render the site. The former is much better than the latter in this respect and is, in a basic sense, functional. For this we apologize. We will endeavor to find workaround, but do not make any guarantees of a satisfactory result.

On the Macintosh platform, we recommend either the pre-installed Safari or one of the various flavors of Mozilla. OmniWeb has been tested and found to be compatible as well. The status of Opera is unknown at present.

For those visiting from the Windows platform, we have no recommendation as our access to this operating system is limited. One could probably assume that any of the Mozilla variants would likewise function well. However, none have been tested. We will welcome any feedback from visitors who make use of any version of these browsers.

A few comments on the anomalies ...

The rendering issues with the WinXP browser are relatively minor. Release version 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633 appears to clip the navigation panel at around 500 pixels in the vertical dimension. Though minor at present — it currently only impedes access to the archive links — there exists the potential that more features will be obscured as the panel expands. This error is somewhat enigmatic as the vertical formatting for the side bar designates automatic resizing and implementation of scroll bars as needed.

IE for MacOS X is just a piece of crap. It does not properly render much of ANY of the style sheet positioning. Frankly, we do not care much as that client is dead on the MacOS and visitors are well advised to seek an permanent alternative. As mentioned above, we suggest Mozilla or Safari.

Please feel free to send us summaries of your experience in order that we may endeavor to create a universally accessible site for the intended audience.

TKG Alumni Resource updates

The quarterly survey of sites referenced within the TKG Alumni Resource Page resulted in several alterations. Chief among the latter is that Franz, et. al., seem to be up to their alteration tricks again. The site has, yet again, been redesigned from the ground up resulting in the destruction of numerous URLs. All of the links to content referenced on this site have been corrected accordingly. As to the number of students registered on the "Cyber Directory" page, it is unchanged from the number observed during the last survey in November — 184. The balance of the independent sites have been updated as follows.

The ubiquitous ClassMates.com saw a net increase of seventeen registered alumni bringing the total to 522. Between November and February the third class grouping noted earlier has been rolled into the primary school grouping, "Thomas K. Gorman Middle-High School" bringing the total to 237; a net increase of nineteen. Meanwhile the secondary school grouping, "Bishop Gorman High School", actually saw a net loss of two registrants for a new total of 282 registered alumni.

There was no change whatsoever at either the ClassReunion.com or SchoolBuddies.com sites where Herman is the only registered alum. Meanwhile, Alumni.net, GradFinder.com and SchoolNews.com all showed an increase of one registrant each bringing them to totals of ten, thirty-three, and six, respectively. It should be noted that the GradFinder increase appears to be the result of a duplicate.

Finally, the ever frustrating Reunion.com saw a net increase of fourteen registered graduates bringing its total to 169. This site in particular seems to be perennially plagued by duplicate registrations. Given that one is pretty much required to traverse the entire tree of registrants, it is not too difficult to discern this fact. As of this survey, roughly 10% of the listings were duplicates; Mark, unfortunately, being among them.

26 February 2004

Lucian's obit

We received notice this morning that Lucian's obituary appeared in both the Herald-Zeitung and the Tyler Morning Telegraph. It is reproduced here for those that prefer this medium.

Steve Lucian Landry

Husband—Son—Brother—Uncle—Mentor—Corporate Trainer—Business Owner—World Traveler—Texas Tech Graduate—Sig Ep-Swimmer—Story Teller—Loyal Friend

Although not an outspoken Christian, he preferred to live his faith out by his deeds rather than simple words. His unfailing dedications, love, and concern for the welfare of others had the ability to transform the lives of those whom he touched. He is survived by his wife of 8 years, Lisa; his parents Francis and Laura Landry of Houston, Texas; his brother Doug Landry and his wife Karen, of Houston; his sisters, Christine Landry Power and her spouse Sherman, of Naperville, Illinois, and Ellen Landry Drisdale and her spouse John, of Austin, Texas; 4 nieces, 5 nephews and numerous cousins.

Visitation will begin at 5 p.m. Thursday at the Zoeller Funeral Home with a rosary to be recited at 7 p.m. at the funeral home. A mass of celebration will be conducted on Friday, February the 27th, 2004, at 3 p.m. at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church in Houston, Texas.

In lieu of flowers the family requested that memorials be given to the Comal County Children's Emergency Shelter PO Box 311682, New Braunfels, Texas 78131.

24 February 2004

Lucian Landry

It is with a heavy heart that we relay news of the death of Lucian Landry. Information suggests that he was killed in an automobile crash over the weekend. Lucian was the spouse of our dear friend — and Godmother to Rebecca — Lisa (Pinkenburg) Landry. Our hearts go out to Lisa and her extended family. They will all be in our thoughts.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

14 February 2004


The May Family invites you to view a handful of images highlighting the Valentine's Day gift that Mother Nature bestowed.

09 February 2004

Police team keeps a close watch on sex offenders

'If they try to duck us or abscond, then they belong back in jail'

Our uncle/brother, Steven Johnson, was featured in a news story published in the Dallas Morning News on Monday, 09 February 2004.

The item can be currently be reached via the this link*. However, the DMN (and Belo in general) only maintain "free" versions of their stories for a few days**. Given this fact, we have republished the story through a local archival link.

* the DMN requires a subscription (free) to view most of its content. If the reader does not possess or does not intend to register for this access, feel free to use the alternate version.
** after approximately a week all news stories are migrated to the "archive" and require a paid subscription to access.

03 February 2004

3M Half Marathon participants

Andrea has disseminated information regarding her participation in the 2004 3M Half-Marathon and Relay. She, Michael, and Michael's sister, Elizabeth (Moore), all ran as individual participants. They started and finished the race together with a chip time of one hour, forty-one minutes, twenty-nine seconds (2:41:29 — 2478-2480).

We congratulate them on their perseverance and success!

01 February 2004

Site Redesign

Things ... they are a changin'.

The regular visitor will no doubt notice that things look a little different around the site. #kempiWeb is undergoing a redesign. Along with the change in scenery is a conversion of the underlying code. The entire site is being converted from an html/tabular format to an xhtml/css with emphasis on embedded php scripting. This conversion will allow for much easier management as well as, hopefully, providing a more aestheticly pleasing presentation.

One will note that a large portion of the redesign encompasses the creation of a navigation panel to the left. This has replaced the "infoPanel" that previously existed within the affiliate table and will allow all content links to be available throughout the site tree.

Most notably, however, is the fact that the format is no longer focused on the affiliated sites, but has transformed to news and information. The latter primarily manifest as a 'bLog style presentation paradigm.

News will be posted as it is made available. (hint, hint)

Due to this alteration of the presentation, the "changeLog" is being deprecated. In its place will be an archive of the content that has appeared upon the main page. It will be organized by month and will be available via the indicated section in the navigation panel. The obsolescent "changeLog" will be conserved for posterity toward the bottom of the latter mentioned section.

The conversion is being accomplished in stages. So it is highly likely that the visitor will happen across content rendered in the old format. Disconcerting though it may be, we hope that you will be understanding and bear with us as we work through the redesign.

As always, comments are always welcomed and appreciated. If there are any suggestions for improvement or if an error is noticed with respect to content, please feel free to send mail to the webmaster (link in the footer).

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