Ride-to-work winner

Herman May arrived at work by bike — as usual — on Tuesday, the National Ride-to-Work Day. By day's end, he had two bikes in his Dallas office — his trusty commuter and a shiny new one.

May won the bike in a drawing of responses to a bicycle commuting survey by the North Texas Clean Air Coalition. The group, which includes the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, is trying to raise awareness of bike commuting and is gathering information about bicycle commuting habits.

May, 29, an orthopedic researcher at the University of Texas Medical Center at Dallas, says he makes the 40-mile round-trip commute between home and work virtually every day.

Bud Melton, a cycling consultant assisting the Clean Air Coalition, said the group surprised May with the forest-green bike, donated by Jack Johnston Bicycles, after a "fake meeting" was arranged at his office.

May said he's been bike commuting about a year, mostly on City of Dallas bike routes, and wishes he had started sooner.

"I thought the distance was too long," said May. But he discovered that the one-way trip of an hour and 20 minutes was only about a half hour longer than the drive.

And, he said, "I ride that much anyway recreationally."

Staff Writer Leslie Snyder covers cycling for The News.

Leslie Snyder
Dallas Morning News: 24 May 1996

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