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Current and prospective members of #kempiWeb are invited to participate in the SETI@Home project through membership in the kempiWeb4SETI team. The team was founded on 09 August 2001 when it was discovered that several existing members of the collective were crunching data units individually. The consolidation was proposed to the various nodes and all welcomed the opportunity to participate. If you have idle CPU cycles that could be put to better use than drawing useless tracks or fractals across your screen, please consider contributing to the project as a whole and the collective as a member of kempiWeb4SETI. Better yet, if you have been crunching units on your own, consider joining the team and let value of your contributions multiply!

A little background

There is no doubt that computers are here to stay. From the massive behemoths that were their earliest incarnations to the handheld varieties of tody, no one can argue against their great contribution to our lives; and at various levels. For the most part, though, each machine operates as a discrete entity unto itself. Occasionally, connections are made to other machines through the 'Net or facsimile transmission. However, these are transient in nature and rarely encompass more than the exchange of information. There is no active participation at the machine level in the form of collaboration toward a common goal.

One technology has the potential to alter this compartmentalization — distributed computing.

A detailed history of this concept falls well outside the realm of this discussion. Interested visitors are directed to peruse one of the founding groups, Distributed.net and read through their mission statement and a compiled history of their project(s). Likewise, the SETI@Home organizers have penned a synopsis of their origins and participation.



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