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The members of the #kempiWeb community are a varied lot with wide-ranging interests and accomplishments. All too often obscurity is the reward for our passions in life. In an effort to overcome that anonymity, this collection has been established to serve as a centralized repository for the accolades we all deserve.

We invite contributions from the membership in order to provide as complete a survey as possible. Please direct submissions to the site administrator.


In The News

In the spring of 1996, Herman was recognized for doing his share for the promotion of clean air through the use of alternative transportation. Awarded the gift of a bicycle as the result of a drawing conducted by the North Texas Clean Air Coalition, he was featured in two local news publications.

The Dallas Morning News once ran a weekly feature covering area bicycling news on Thursday in the "Sports" section. Herman's achievement was mentioned by the columnist, Leslie Snyder on 24 May 1996.

UT Southwestern publishes a semi-monthly newspaper, Center Times, in which another version of this story was featured in the August 1996 edition.

The Dallas Morning News ran a profile on 09 February 2004 of efforts by the McKinney Police Department to reign local sex offenders that have not registered as mandated by state law. The article featured Steve as an integral participant in this effort.

Highlighting the heroic actions of Nathan, the The Plano Star Courier ran a story on 14 February 2005 [local archive] lauding the quick wits exhibited by one of our youngest members in the face of potential catastrophe. Following a seizure, his father became incapacitate. Nathan took the wheel and guided the vehicle to the roadside — avoiding two major obstacles — and then flagged down a passing motorist to call 911.

In his capacity as Net Manager for the DFW Metroplex Traffic Net, Herman was the featured guest on episode #10 of the Resonant Frequency podCast. Published on 05 May 2007, the topic of the interview was the ARRL National Traffic System.


Making News

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