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The May Family; Garland, Texas


31 March 2004

Going Live!

Though it has been a work in progress for the past thirty days, the redesigned web site for the May Family of Garland, Texas, has now replaced the outdated version. As perusal of the entries below will indicate, this content has been available for the past month; though not linked from a publicly accessible page. The migration has now progressed to the point at which we are comfortable bringing it online to the general public.

We hope you enjoy your visit and, as always, comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcomed.

13 March 2004

Spring Break — Enchanted Rock

The last two days have been spent camping at Enchanted Rock SNA. Though cut short by a day on either end, it was an enjoyable excursion nevertheless.

Our original plan was to leave around 1200 on 10 March and arrive at approximately the dinner hour. However. Logistical issues delayed any possibility of departure until around 1400. Given the time of year and the potential for traffic issues, it would likely be near dark before we arrived. Considering that we would have needed to both pitch camp and cook dinner, we opted to leave early on Thursday, 11 March.

I arose at 0400 to pack the car and prepare to leave; by 0500 we were on our way.

The trip was cut a day short due to weather issues. Though only a 30% change of precipitaion was forecast, by 0600 Friday a steady drizzle was falling. It let up slightly by 0900, but periodic showers continued throughout the day. A vote was taken at 1500 and, though the results were a 50:50 split, it was decided we would bugout eighteen hours early. Camp was stuck and we were on the road by 1620

Rain storms and showers were encountered all of the way home. As we approached the southern limits of Dallas County, the skies began to clear a bit and by the time we had arrived home there were no signs of any rain whatsoever. However, that respite was short-lived as it rained all day Saturday and most of Sunday.

On balance, it was quite enjoyable. Thursday was a beautiful day for hiking and climbing; the precipitation on Saturday was not intolerable. We look forward to a future return.

08 March 2004

cyber Homestead, redux

Welcome to the newly redesigned web presence of The May Family of Garland, Texas

Completion of this page represents the third and final component of the revision of existing content. It also marks the halfway point in the larger project of repurposing #kempiWeb from a static, rarely updated site to the interactive community which it was intended.

Once finished, this will be the default point of visitation for those wishing to know what we have, are, and will be doing. Though a part of the larger whole, it is intended to be a separate, though affiliated, entity. We suggest marking the site on its own merits if such is desired, but one is always able to arrive via the navigation links on parent and subordinate sites and pages.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and encourage the submission of questions and comments as needed.


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