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30 November 2004

Holiday event schedule

On the cusp of the arrival of the December holiday season, we would like to remind interested family and friends of upcoming events related to our household.

Neiman Marcus Adolphus Children's Parade
04 December 2004 — 1000
Rebecca will be participating in the Neiman Marcus Adolphus Children's Parade for the second time this year. As was the case a year ago, she will be marching as a member of the NFHS Starlette Dance Team, The parade is scheduled to begin at 1000, but can be viewed via television on WFAA.
Richardson Christmas Parade
04 December 2004 — 0900
We will experience an event conflict for the first time this years when Collin will appear in the Richardson Christmas Parade. He will be marching as a member of the SPS band. This parade begins at 0900.
NFHS Choir Holiday Concert
07 December 2004 — 1930
Just a reminder that Rebecca and the rest of the NFHS Choirs will be presenting their annual Christmas Concert at First United Methodist Church of Garland on the evening of the seventh. Slated to begin at 1930, this production highlights both traditional and contemporary holiday favorites. A benefit dinner precedes the concert at 1730 in the Fellowship Hall for those interested.
DPL Band Concert
11 December 2004 — 1400
Collin will be taking part in a Band Concert at 1400. The specifics are somewhat hazy, but preliminary information suggests the event taking place at Saint Pius X. Check back for more concrete details in the coming days.
Poppa's North Texas Holiday Tour
18-23 December 2004
The North Texas branches of the Adame Clan will be welcoming a visit by Poppa (Fred) during the week of 18-23 December. Based out of the domicile of Kristie and Mark (Lewisville), several events and gatherings are planned with the other area households and venues — especially since they all contain the grandchildren. :-)

Other holiday activities are likely, but nothing firmly scheduled at present. We will be embarking on our annual trek north of Terrell within the next ten days to procure a Christmas Tree at the Walls Family Farm

28 November 2004

Moss Point Thanksgiving

In keeping with familial theme of our Thanksgiving celebrations of the last decade or so, we traveled to Moss Point for a major family turkey day festivity. This year's hosts were Jen and Christopher.

For the better part of ten years, we have organized, sponsored or attended a wide range of family gatherings associated with the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend. These events have varied in both location and party size, but all have shared the common theme of giving thanks for the our family.

Continuing with the theme of the past two year's, the 2004 gathering was largely a Johnson/May affair. With just over half of last year's entourage choosing to make the 600 mile lateral transplantation from Snook to Moss Point, it was a rewarding and enjoyable experience. We were also afforded the opportunity to see Jen and Christopher's new home for the first time since they relocated from Hattiesburg in May of this year. Ours was a doubly enjoyable trek since we were able to provide transporation to and from the gathering for Sandy.

We left Garland at 1000 CST, Thursday. Our route was that which we have followed to parts east for the past four to six years: east on I-20 to Shreveport; south on I-49 to Lafayette; then continuing east on I-10. For a holiday weekend, we saw relatively few troopers. In fact, just two were seen on the trip east and three on the return trip west, while crossing three states. Traffic was also extremely tolerable with little or no construction delays and lighter than expected vehicle levels.

Our arrival in Moss Point was on schedule at 1900 CST. Though we were the last to arrive, dinner was just being served. The menu was seafood bisque and carrot/squash soup. after dinner, Andrea and Michael provided a slide show of their trips earlier in the year to Jamaica and Mexico. Following a full day of driving for most, we all retired for the evening around 2200.

Herman served as short order cook for breakfast making first, coffee, then bacon and finally taking orders for eggs. Once the breakfast dishes were cleared, preparations commenced for the family feast — scheduled for 1500. Everyone chipped in to help. Rebecca and Herman assisted Christopher with frying the bird, while Elizabeth helped with various tasks in the kitchen. Collin provided moral support and entertainment for all.

Interspersed within the food preparations were two trips to the NERR. We partook of the first, which occurred just before noon and included Andrea and Michael. The first stop was the field office and a tour of the administrative building and grounds. We then traveled down the road to the boat launch area where Oberon, in his zeal to socialize with another dog, jumped into the brackish water and immediately found himself ear-deep in the water less than two meters from shore. Recalling his previous experience with deep water, it took no time at all for him to collect himself and swim back to a point where he could readily walk out. One of the highlights of the trip to the NERR was seeing a shellfish midden created by the indigenous tribes of the area following their fishing forays into the Gulf.

The evening was spent chatting, working on a jigsaw puzzle, viewing a slide show of Jen and Christopher's trip to Nova Scotia and watching "Pirates of the Carribean".

Rain greeted Saturday's sunrise. In fact, it awoke those of use who were camping in the backyard at around 0400. The Wienen tent sprung a leak and Andrea migrated into the house to finish her sleep.

Breakfast was much the same as the previous morning. After returning from walking the dogs, Herman made coffee and took orders for eggs. Elizabeth prepared french toast for the interested as well.

All of those departing for Saturday return trips had done so by 1000. Andrea and Michael were planning to stop in New Orleans for a few hours — the final leg of their week-long vacation trip of the southeast. Joanne and Michael were headed back to Snook and we were off to Garland.

Our return trip itinerary included the allocation of an hour long diversion when passing through Breaux Bridge. we stopped at Mulate's for a late lunch. We arrived back at home around 2000.

This family trip marked the longest journey to date for the newest members of our household, Catalina and Oberon. They did quite well and appeared to be none the worse for the experience. In fact, both enjoyed the opportunity to run free on the fourteen acres that comprise the home of Jen and Christopher. This bodes well for future long-distance family trips including the hounds.

25 November 2004

Giving thanks with family

We arrive at the day for giving thanks. As has been our tradition for the past dozen years, this day will be spent in transit to an extended family gathering. This year the point of rendez-vous is Moss Point, Mississippi. A summary of that familial event will follow upon our return. Until then, we share our turkey day itinerary for the past decade.

Thanksgiving Day Celebrations:

2004Moss Point, MississippiJohnson/May
2003Snook, TexasJohnson/May
2002Arlington, TexasJohnson/May
2001Norman, OklahomaMay
2000Garland, TexasAdame/Johnson/May
1999Cocoa Beach, FloridaAdame/May
1998Petit Jean SP, ArkansasAdame/Johnson/May
1997Petit Jean SP, ArkansasAdame/Johnson/May
1996Dallas, TexasJohnson/May
1995Tyler, TexasAdame/May/Walters


20 November 2004

"British Invasion" show

The combined choirs of Naaman Forest High School presented their fall review this evening. Christened the "British Invasion" show, it was comprised of hits from the 60's and featured a combination of solo, small group and ensemble productions.

Rebecca appeared in three of the evening's numbers. The latter includeed the first and last ensemble offerings of "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" and "The Twist". A third took place a little past mid-way through the show when the Treble Chorale did a group rendition of "Got To Get You Into My Life".

The next production in which Rebecca will appear is the annual Holiday Concert taking place on 07 December.

19 November 2004

Flag Retirement Ceremony

Pack 728 engaged in their annual Flag Retirement Ceremony this evening. Collin's Webelos group, Scorpion Patrol (aka Webelos II), was responsible for this year's ceremony, which took place at Breckenridge Park.

Collin and his patrol mates, under the leadership of their leader, Mary Ann Harris, coordinated and scripted the twilight ceremony. As with last year's event, the retirement included a series of readings carried out in conjunction with the burning of a US Flag which had reached the end of its usefulness due to age and disrepair. The flag chosen was of the large format variety and appeared to have had original dimensions somewhere in the realm of four by six or six by eight feet. The boys rotated through the act of reading a passage, placing the flag remnant upon a pole or placing the fragment in the fire. At less than an hour in duration, the experience is one the scouts are likely to remember for both its solemnity and its patriotic significance.

Upcoming choir dates

A friendly reminder to family and friends that may like to see Rebecca performing with the Naaman Forest High School Choir. There are two dates looming on the horizon that are likely to prove entertaining.

The combined choirs will be presenting a "British Invasion" show next Friday and Saturday evenings (19 and 20 November) in the NFHS auditorium at 1900. If last years tribute to Elvis is any indication, it should be entertaining.

On Tuesday, 07 December, the combined choirs will present their annual Holiday Concert. Like last year, the event will take place in the sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church of Garland at 1930. A dinner will precede the concert in the Fellowship Hall at 1730 and requires reservations.

Texas BEST competition

The 2004 Texas Best Western US Championship was held at Southern Methodist University earlier today. Traveling with the event were Andrea and Michael who are the co-chairs of the organization. We were invited to attend the final rounds. Though we did ultimately watch the semi-final rounds, we were a little sidetracked along the way

As part of the event, Honda was providing demonstrations of their ASIMO (or Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) humanoid robot. We had seen this machine and its various prototypes in the news and on programs through the years. However, the opportunity to see it live and was too good to pass upon. The robot itself is not as autonomous as one might suspect. The movements are controlled wirelessly from backstage and the routines are all pre-configured. Nevertheless, to see the hardware ambulate on its own, with no tether, was a site to behold. It could walk, dance, climb stairs and kick a ball with nary a waver. The potential for this technology is truly insiring.

The demo lasted a bit under an hour and following its conclusion we were off to see the robotics competition. We arrived one or two heats into the semi-final rounds. A local participant, Saint Mark's, was in the top five and seemed to be doing quite well. (As it turns out, they finished eighth.) We stayed to watch an hour or so of the competition. It was quite interesting and seeing so many teenaged geeks in one place was encouraging — for sciences' sake.

2004 fall soccer finalé

The 2004 fall YMCA soccer season came to a conclusion today. Meeting at the site if the final game, the Shooters watched the contest together before migrating down the street to Mr. Gatti's for an end-of-season party and awards presentation.

Scoreless throughout normal play, the game went into overtime. When that failed to decide a winner, a shootout ensued. Winning with two successful shots were the Tigers became the season champions.

Due to the extension of the final game, the party did not start until 1330. Having a prior commitment at 1500, we were compelled to leave at 1420. However, the awards ceremony was the first item on the agenda — following the food, of course ;-). So, Collin was able to get his trophy prior to our departure.

While theirs was not a winning season, we congratulate the Shooters on games well played!

06 October 2004

Cloven scheduling

The May Family is split asunder this weekend. Elizabeth and Rebecca are participating in a Girl Scout campout hosted by the SMS troop. Operating under the theme of "Disney Campout 2004" the girls are hosting a combined group of over one hundred younger scouts all-the-while gaining experience and raising funds for their own activities. Theirs is an all weekend event. Having left yesterday afternoon, they are not scheduled to return until around noon tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Collin and Herman are busy traveling about North Central and East Texas. Last night, they ventured to Tyler to attend the 2004 Homecoming game of Herman's high school Alma Mater. This morning, they were scheduled to attend the playoff game for Collin's fall YMCA soccer team. However, none of his teammates arrived. Apparently, there were too few to make a viable fielding and they had to forfeit. Rounding out their weekend schedule was a trip to Camp Wisdom for the 2004 Cub World gathering. This year, Troop 728 had reserved the "pirate ships" and a fierce water balloon battle was the highlight event.

The canids were under the care of Collin and Herman. Traveling with the latter to Tyler, Catalina and Oberon enjoyed the company of their cousins, Pumpkin, Samantha and Duke during the game. This was their first extended road trip and both did quite well with the experience.


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