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29 January 2005

Guests and celebration

We welcomed Jen and Christopher to share dinner and spend the night with us. In town for tonight's family birthday celebration, they spent Friday evening and night with us. Herman prepared calzone — a specialty Christopher likely had not enjoyed since their days of rooming together at Baylor — and all partook of Stone brews. The balance of the evening was spent watching "Mooseport" (some wondered why; others seemed to enjoy it) and enjoying one another's company. Herman was in and out as he shuttled Rebecca to a Girl Scout function at Fun Fest.

On their way to Arlington for this evenings's event, Christopher took Collin to Target in order to allow the latter to select a birthday gift. He delighted in showing his parents, during the later rendez-vous, that he had gotten "The Minish Cap"; adding one more title to the comprehensive collection of Link-themed Nintendo games.

23 January 2005

Sweet Sixteen

We celebrated Rebecca's sixcteenth birthday with a surprise gathering at one of her favorite restaurants: On the Border. Among those in attendance were her Girl Scout troop; Kristie and Mark; Margaret and Theodore; and her immediate family.

The event took place approximately forty-five minutes following the biweekly meeting of the troop. Elizabeth reserved a back room at the eatery and assembled the invited guests, while Herman took Rebecca on a wild errand. Rebecca was truly surised and had no clue what was in the works. Following the meal, everyone particippated in several rounds of "Malarky" before sharing in a large, sheet-sized decorated cookie.

As part of the celebration, attendees were asked to make a book donation to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Three boxes full of items were collected and will be contributed later in the week.

04 January 2005

Back to school

The holiday break has officially come to an end. Collin returned to school today and Rebecca will follow in kind tomorrow morning. All-in-all it was one of the most enjoyable Christmas breaks in quite a few years. The kids were able to visit with all of their grandparents at one point or another and had several opportunities to see their great-grandmother. Visiting and celebrating with family and friends is what this time of year is all about. We certainly enjoyed the opportunities afforded us this holiday season.

Time flies. It will be no time at all before Spring Break has arrived; followed soon thereafter by the summer break.

01 January 2005

Welcome, 2005!

The May Family would like to wish all of our family and friends the very best during the coming year. May the year AD2005 bring you joy and prosperity.

We welcome Sassy (Herman's mother, Sandy) to our home for a belated holiday celebration today; she was unable to visit on Christmas Day. Following a belated gift exchange, we treated she and Nana to lunch at EZ's. Having never been, Elizabeth and Herman invited Sassy to tag along during a visit to the Plano Dog Park. She had a blast watching not just Catalina and Oberon, but all of the canids at play.


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