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26 June 2005

Line Camp and Visitation

Rebecca will spend this week boarding in a local hotel and participating in four intensive days of dance drills and technical clinics. This is a mandatory component of the Sterling Stars preparation for the coming school year. As a "Baby" Star, she and the rest of her fledgling group will basically serve as slaves to the older girls. It should prove to be quite and awakening experience for her.

Collin will be spending the week in Tyler visiting with his grandparents and being generally spoiled.

19 June 2005

Equest and Comet Soccer Camp

Rebecca is putting her love for horses to good use this week as she serves as a volunteer at Equest. She will spend five hours a day caring for the horses and serving as a mentor/guide for the visiting children and their mounts.

Meanwhile, Collin will spend Monday through Thursday attending a soccer camp sponsored by the Comets Soccer Club. The clinic will take place from 1900 to 2100 each evening and include technical training, drills and intramural games between groups. Collin has taken a shine to soccer participation and we feel this will be an invaluable resource for him.

18 June 2005

68th Oil Bowl

Rebecca made her debut performance with the NFHS Sterling Stars this evening when she and the balance of the award winning drill team was asked to serve as a portion of the halftime performance at the annual Oil Bowl in Wichita Falls. She looked stunning in her fringed outfit and the entire squad executed a great routine, heralding what should prove to be another stellar season of drill.

Christopher and Sandy traveled to Texas to accompany Elizabeth and Herman to the game. This was a special treat and much appreciated.

12 June 2005

Activity News

Beginning this week and extending through the summer, we will be posting a weekly, prospective summary of the activities in which Rebecca and Collin will be participating throughout the summer. We hope this will provide interested family and friends with some useful information in helping to plan visits and simply stay up-to-date with what the kids are doing.

During Rebecca's absence last week, Collin participated in Art Camp. This daily event was sponsored by a teacher at SPS and designed to foster an interest in the creative arts. Collin had an excellent week and produced several objects; including a special dragon plague for Father's Day, which he gave to Herman.

This week, Rebecca will be spending two hours each day attending a Sterling Stars mini-camp. The team has been invited to perform at the 68th Annual Oil Bowl. With the performance less than a week away, the girls need to hone their routine and get fitted for the various components of their costume.

10 June 2005

Mediterranean Traveler

Rebecca returned safely from a ten day trip to Italy and Greece today. She had a great time and has spent the past several hours regaling her parents with a multitude of tales and experiences.

Having busied herself downloading and processing her multi-dozens of images, she will soon be compiling them into a slide show. Once this task has been completed, she will be giving presentations to interested friends and family. Stay tuned for additional information.

05 June 2005

Melting in Mississippi

While Rebecca is enjoying herself along the Mediterranean, the rest of us have spent the last four days as guests of Jen and Christopher in Franklin Creek. We left early Thursday morning and arrived around 1700 CDT. Herman accompanied Christopher on field studies Friday at the NERR, while Elizabeth, Jen and Collin took a day trip to visit to Bellingrath Gardens. Saturday, the menfolk carved up five invasive Chinese Tallows (aka "popcorn" trees), while Collin and the ladies visited Lowe's for garden supplies. It was off to The Shed for lunch, followed by an afternoon consumed by various and sundry activities. Sunday was marked by another day on the road for the return trip home.

This was our first extended visit to Mississippi during this part of the year. In some respects, it was quite bothersome. The human company was fantastic, but the insect population was downright pesky and the steamy climate was reminiscent of Houston. The deer flies kept even the hounds at bay. Oberon would not go outside unaccompanied and, even then, would complete his business and make a beeline — no pun intended — to the door to seek refuge in the house. While conducting a GPS survey of the nature trail, Herman was required to wave one arm above his head the entire route in order to prevent attacks by these aggressive Dipterans. Every swing contacted between one and a half dozen of these biting banes. On the NERR, it was not the deer flies, but the horse flies which served to temper at least some of the fun.

The insect pests aside, this was yet another enjoyable trip to visit Jen and Christopher. As usual, good food and exemplary company were the hallmarks.

01 June 2005

Mediterranean escape

Rebecca departs today to spend the next ten days abroad in Italy and Greece. Teachers from the Garland ISD are serving as chaperons for the annual EF Tours summer trip. The trip this year encompasses four days touring central Italy, followed by another four in Greece Highlights include, Rome, Vatican City, Pompeii and Brindisi in Italy. An overnight trip aboard the night ferry takes the students to Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Athens and, finally, Delphi. The return trip begins bright and early on the morning of the tenth (local Grecian time).

This is an excellent learning opportunity for Rebecca and will be her first trip outside of the United States.


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