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31 July 2005

Dual Camps

As we prepare to bid farewell to our houseguest of the past four days, we look ahead the coming week. Rebecca will be departing Tuesday morning for a four day trip to Bandera County. She will be accompanying the SMS Venture Scouts on a trek to a "Dude Ranch". She will be returning Friday, but only part way...

Collin will be spending the week attending a volleyball skills camp at SPS. Participation is apparently mandatory for those interested in playing volleyball for the school team. It will run from 1300 to 1700 daily, through Friday.

Herman and Rebecca will be spending the weekend in Central Texas participating in the annual family trip to attend the Shakespeare at Windale performances. Since Rebecca will be returning on Friday from Bandera, Herman will make arrangements to meet the returning caravan along the way and will fork to the east en route to La Grange. Accompanying Rebecca and Herman will be Rebecca's friend, Erin. Only two of the three performances ("Taming of the Shrew" and "Midsummer's Night Dream") will be attended as the troupe will reportedly be traveling to Nort Texas for a performance of the third play, "Hamlet" at SMU.

24 July 2005

Preparing For A HouseGuest

We have enjoyed four days of child-free married life, but are missing the kids. This even though one or the other of us has been in contact with either Rebecca or Collin in one form or fashion almost every day. Nevertheless, their presence is missed. They will both return four days from now...and they will be accompanied by a visitor.

Thursday will mark the arrival of Elizabeth's father, Fred, for an extended weekend visit. He is actually traveling to North Texas in order to ferry Avery and Ethan back for a weeklong visit to Florida. However, he will be incorporating a regional visit to help offset the monotony of the taxi service alone.

Visits by Fred are always enjoyable. He and Herman always find something interesting about which to converse. From sailing to photography to computers, they share many passions. We also tend to eat out much more during his stays. Not that he does not enjoy our cooking. It is simply that we are usually preoccupied with other activities from window shopping to visiting to various forms of entertainment. Eating out is more convenient than planning, preparing and cooking a meal.

Nevertheless, a family gathering has been planned at our home for Sunday afternoon. John and Christy will be over and the boys as well. They will be staying the night in preparation for their trip to Florida the following morning. Kristie and Mark will be unable to attend as they will be in Baton rouge for a Tranchina Family sponsored baby shower for Kristie.

17 July 2005

School Ends; Return to Tyler

Rebecca completes her summer learning supplement this week. Due to excellent attendance and early completion of the curriculum, the instructor has arranged to have the session end a day or two early.

Both children will be helping with the completion of a couple of home improvement projects early in the week. The latetr consists primarily of painting and various tidying chores.

Wednesday, Collin will be returning for a seven day stay with his grandparents in Tyler. This time around, Rebecca will be joining him. When they return next Thursday, it will be in the company of their grandfather, Fred, who is traveling to Texas for a few days of visitation with his children in the area. More will be posted to node.Zero as the time approaches.

10 July 2005

More of the Same

This week continues the theme from last week. Rebecca will be attending summer classes Monday through Thursday, while Collin remains at home carrying out various commandments from his parents.

Two topics of special note with respect to Rebecca: she will be getting her Learner's Permit on Tuesday and her copy of the next installment of the Harry Potter series — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

03 July 2005

Summer Schooling

The only event of note taking place this week with respect to the kids is that Rebecca is beginning a three week run of summer school attendance. She has opted to get a jump on next semester by taking an elective during the summer to free more time for dance and other obligations. Her class will run from 0800 to 1300 four days a week beginning Tuesday and running through 21 July.

We welcomed Collin back on Friday, instant, from a week of visitation with his grandparents in Tyler. He will be spending most of this week tackling various chores around the house.

01 July 2005


Rebecca completed her first line camp as a Sterling Star, today. The four day event culminated in a "show-off" presentation in the ballroom of the hotel at which she and her fellow dance team members have resided. It was quite an experience for her: early risings and late turn-ins. As a "Baby" she was required to cater to the senior members of the organization.

The final event was quite entertaining. The assembly was not limited to Naaman Forest dancers or even GISD teams. There were groups in attendance from as far away as San Angelo. Most were good; some left quite a bit to be desired.

Rebecca performed quite well and proved herself to be a welcome addition to the Sterling Star retinue.


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