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30 August 2005

Innisbrook 2005

In choosing to attend a private, parochial school, we are burdened at certain times of the year with the task of helping to raise funds to support the institution. Such is the case for the fall semester at Saint Paul School. It is time, once again, for the annual Innisbrook Fundraiser.

Collin would once again like to invite anyone interested in purchasing gift wrap and other decoration supplies as well as gift items to support his school and help him achieve points toward a prize by following the link below to the Innisbrook web site. By following this specially formatted URL, you will ensure that your purchases are attributed to Collin.

----->follow me to Innisbrook<-----

As a special FYI, purchases over $60 will include free shipping.

Special Note:
Innisbrook has implemented an egregious browser checking script at the root page of their site. Potential patrons are strongly urged to make use of the above link to browse the catalogue and place orders. Not only will this ensure that Collin receives credit, but it will bypass the browser check and allow perusal by clients other than IE.

29 August 2005

Traditional Role

In only her second week as a "Baby" Star, Rebecca has made the grade and qualified for a position in the "Traditional" performance.

All performances by the Sterling Stars during football games are broken into two components: the "Traditional" kick routine and the performance routine. The kick routine requires extraordinary ability and timing. In only her second week of trying out for a spot, Rebecca made the cut and has secured inclusion in this segment of the performance for the remainder of the football season.

26 August 2005

Heavenly Endeavors

Rebecca makes her debut performance as a Sterling Star this evening at Williams Stadium during halftime of the contest between Naaman Forest High School and W.W. Samuell High School (Dallas). The team will be performing with the star prop with which they have been drilling since their line camp earlier in the summer. Elizabeth will serve as videographer for the performance.

Unfortunately, Herman and Collin will be unable to attend. They will be spending the evening at the monthly general meeting of the Texas Astronomical Society. Herman is interested in surveying the group with an eye toward membership to foster and augment his rejuvenated interest in astronomy. The organization has an "Astronomy Kids" program, which fosters an interest in the heavens through various activities offered during the general meeting.

14 August 2005

School Days 2005-2006

The summer achieves its official end this week. Many connote the end of summer with the Labor Day holiday, but school aged children see that annual cycle as occurring on the first day of school. So it is with our family as Rebecca and Collin start back to school this week.

For Rebecca, the new school year begins bright and early tomorrow morning at 0645. As a Sterling Star, her day begins an hour earlier than the rest of the school as that is the time of day — along with the first class period — set aside for pract9ice and drill. She is excited both about representing the school at various events as a Sterling Star, but also of entering her Junior year of High School.

Collin, on the other hand, will begin his year as a sixth grader at Saint Paul School Thursday. As with most parochial schools, the first day will only be four hours in length. Nevertheless, it will be busy and exciting for him.

07 August 2005

Finalizing Summer

The coming seven days mark the end of the summer break for Rebecca and Collin. School begins next Monday and Thursday, respectively. Both will be spending this last week at home relaxing and engaging in various arts and crafts projects. They and Elizabeth have discovered the joys of clay modeling and have been spending quite a bit of time lately creating various figurines and other items.

Herman will be celebrating a birthday early in the week, but there are no particular plans otherwise.

02 August 2005

Transitioning Icarus

Herman has taken advantage of his educational discount to purchase replacement hardware for his aging portable computer. One week ago yesterday, Apple announced revisions to the iBook ine which are too enticing to ignore. As such, he procured a new iBook this past weekend.

In keeping with the practice established when migrating Scheherazade to new hardware, the obsolete specifications for the old clamshell are being preserved in this space for posterity as the new information is presented for interested visitors.


  • iBook SE/366
    400MHz, clock adjusted original clamshell model
  • 194Mb RAM
  • 30Gb HD storage
    cumulative drive capacity
  • MacOS 10.3.8
  • acquired: February 2000

Icarus signified the first of many aspects of our computing experience. He was the first portable (aka "laptop") computer that we purchased and, as reflected by his name, was our first foray into the world of wireless connectivity. Along with his companion, Daedalus, allowed us to raom the house, yet still maintaining high-speed access to the 'Net.

This system is the primary domain of Herman and serves as his portable research and development platform.

We are presently unsure of the disposition of the old hardware. Rebecca has expressed an interest in making use of it. However, both Elizabeth and Herman fear that she will be less than pleased with the performance of the clamshell. Especially given her heretofore primary utilization of Ariel. The jury is still out, but we will likely end up offering it for sale.


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