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31 October 2005

Seasonal Transition

Today marks several important events in our household. Chief amongst them is that it is Elizabeth's birthday! (Yippee!)

Being Haloween, it also marks the arrival of the Holiday Season in our household. Between now and the end of January, we celebrate three birthdays and several special occasions — and that is just for those under our roof. More details will follow in the coming weeks. suffice it to say, though, that this will be among our most eventful year-end celebratory periods.

As it happens, this week also brings to a close the fall activity season. Thursday is the last game of the Naaman Forest High School football season. There is no chance for further play as they have won only one game and their opponent this week is quite formidable. Accompanying that end is the conclusion of the regular performance season for the Sterling Stars. A few basketball performances remain early next year, but regular performances are through for the year.

This week also marks the end of the regular fall soccer season for Collin. However, even with a record of 2 and 5, the Shooters are destined for tournament play in the finals. The specifics will follow as the last games are played and final rankings determined. nevertheless, Collin and company will likely make it through to at least the second round of play.

09 October 2005

Getting a Jump on the Holiday Season

We will be welcoming Fred for an unprecedented third visit to North Texas in less than a year later this month. The primary reason for the visit is to allow him the opportunity to visit with his newest grandchild, Aidan Paul. Born 27 September, Aidan is the eighth Adame grandchild and the first child of Kristie and Mark. Nevertheless, Fred will be taking advantage of the visit to spend time with all three North Texas Adame families and attend the events of other grandchildren.

The preliminary itinerary includes the following highlights:

26 October   • arriving DFW airport
26-27 October   • staying with Kristie and Mark
27-28 October   • staying with Christy and John
28-31 October   • staying with Elizabeth and Herman
28 October   • attending the NFHS football game
to see Rebecca perform with the
Sterling Stars
29 October   • attending Collin's soccer game
    • attending the SPS Autumn Festival
with Avery and Ethan in tow
30 October   • an afternoon meal with the area
Adame families at Buca di Beppo
31 October   • departing from DFW airport


update: 23 October
A slight alteration to the schedule has occurred. The family dinner has been moved to Sunday afternoon and a planned excursion to the SPS Autumn Festival has been planned in its place for Saturday evening.


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