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The May Family; Garland, Texas


25 December 2005

Regal Reward

We welcomed Margaret, Theodore and Lori (Ted's daughter) as guests this Christmas Day. Following the perennial early arising and opening of presents, we enjoyed stollen, fruit cake, sausage, eggs and mimosas for breakfast. As usual, the felids had a heyday with the wrappers and trimmings, while the canids looked on in royal fashion.

Our afternoon entertainment consisted of a viewing of "Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe" at the new AMC Firewheel. It is a very good film and highly recommended for all ages. Those familiar with the book will note some changes in plot, but they add to the drama, rather than detract.

Upon returning home, we set about preparing for Christmas dinner. On the menu was a Greenberg smoked turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, cranberries and dinner rolls. Dessert consisted of pecan, pumpkin and minced meat pies.

24 December 2005

Farewell and Feasting

"Good-byes" were exchanged yesterday evening as we bid farewell to James, Katherine, EvaMarie and James. They were due to depart earlier today following an enjoyable seven day visit top North Texas; their first in five years.

We are getting an early start on celebrations by traveling to Westminster for Christmas Eve dinner with John and his family. The theme of the gathering is Italian, with manicotti, an antipasto salad and Italian wines as featured staples. Due to a region-wide burn ban, there will be no pyrotechnic displays. However, four-up, team manhunts are planned as Collin and Herman join with John, Avery and Ethan in the round-robin carnage of co-op "Medal of Honor: European Assault" play.

In addition to the Adame and May families, the gathering will be attended by members of the Trott Family as well. Margaret, Theodore and Lori will be traveling to North Texas to celebrate Christmas with us and have come a day early to participate in these festivities as well.

17 December 2005

Sugarplums and Such

Awaiting the arrival of James and his family later this afternoon, we enjoyed a performance of "The Nutcracker" at the Eisemann Center. Produced by a local company, the Tuzer Dance Center, the mechanics left something to be desired. It was an entertaining show nevertheless and all of us enjoyed the experience. Elizabeth had reserved a box in the Mezzanine, which afforded a excellent view of the action.

01 December 2005

preChristmas Guests

Members of the Burlington branch of the Adame Clan will be making their first visit back to Texas since 2001 during the early part of the Christmas Break. Katherine James, EvaMarie and James will be flying into DFW mid-morning on 17 December and will be staying until Christmas Eve — when they will fly out to Virginia to spend Christmas Day with the Slater Family. Sarah (who is otherwise spending the holiday break with her maternal grandmother) will be joining us for the day on Sunday, 18 December, as we gather for a family photo.

A preliminary itinerary for their visit is as follows:

17 December   • arriving at DFW
• possibly out to eat with our family
18 December   • taking advantage of their visit, a group photo-op comprised of all North Texas members of the Adame Clan
• a pasta dinner at our home
19-20 December   • traveling to Tyler for a two-day visit with the Trott Family
21 December   • visit to the Santa's Village
22 December   • tour of area holiday decorations
(primarily in Highland Park)
23 December   • all family dinner, location TBD
24 December   • departing from DFW airport

Elizabeth is attempting to coordinate nightly dining enertainment at the various Adame households. No news yet on the specifics, but check back for more information.


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